Earnings Surprises 7/20/10

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VisitGlobal Equity Analytics and Research Services(GEARS) on Covestor Positive surprises continue to outnumber negative ones by a wide margin. Maybe that should not be such a surprise when during 1Q2010 over 80% of companies showed a rising sales growth rate and nearly 70% recorded a

International Positions with High Yield

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With an eye toward creating a high yield portfolio with international stocks, closed-end funds and preferred shares, Covestor model manager Vivian Lewis has developed the International Yield model. Within this model, one of her top positions is Cenovus Energy Inc (NYSE:CVE). CVE is a Canadian

Earnings Season Off to a Great Start

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Earnings season got off to a great start today with the earnings announcement from Alcoa (NYSE: AA) and CSX Corp (NYSE: CSX) making headlines. Both companies recorded an earnings surprise pattern in their fundamentals last quarter. The Earnings Surprise model owns Alcoa (NYSE: AA). The

No Sector Focus, Simply GARP Investing

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If you’ve been investing for any length of time, chances are good that you have heard about GARP investing—Growth at A Reasonable Price. GARP investors look for those companies that consistently earn and grow and that exceed broad market levels and exclude companies that are

A Variety of Stocks and Short-Term Price Swings

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Portfolio manager Michael Arold’s Techincal Swing portfolio is filled with equities from many different sectors. In order to choose positions for his portfolio, Arold watches the market and individual sectors and uses many technical indicators. Once he has identified some positions that interest him he


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