Dynamite Results at Teradyne (TER, INTC, TXN)

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Author: Mark Holder Disclaimer: Mark Holder owns TER in his Covestor Opportunistic Arbitrage Model. July 29, 2010: Teradyne (TER) reported results that were explosive after market hours on July 28, 2010. Earnings of $.69 beat analyst estimates by $.22 or over 40% for the 2nd

New Covestor Position: Mercardo Libre (MELI)

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Author: Michael Arold Disclaimer: Michael Arold owns MELI in his Covestor Technical Swing model. July 29, 2010: Mercardo Libre is an online commerce platform in Latin America. The company is often called the “EBay of Latin America” and has been on my watchlist for a

New Positions on Covestor (EBAY, RFMD)

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Let’s take a look at two positions added by our Covestor model managers this week. One manager looks beyond creative accounting for his model while the other uses a rotational approach to investing in sectors and market indices. We’ve talked about Sean Hannon’s Bottom-Up Analysis

New Positions on Covestor (V, PAYX)

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Today let’s look at the new positions added by two different mangers—one who looks at cash flow and liabilities before adding positions and one who looks for under-priced companies that pay dividends. We’ve talked about Covestor manager Donald Jowdy’s Suncoast Equity model here. This week,


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