New Positions on Covestor (AHL, RNR, TOT)

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In June we discussed David Fried’s Diversified Buybacks model and went over some of his top holdings within the model. This week Fried made some changes to Diversified Buybacks by buying many new positions. One of the positions Fired purchased this week was Aspen Insurance

Dan Plettner Tax Advantaged August Monthly Investment Report (IIC, NOM, NGK, CCA, NTX, BHV, NGB, NNB, NPV, BPK, EIV, EVN, PMF, PMX, NMZ, EIO, PCK)

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Disclaimers: Dan Plettner owns IIC in his Covestor Tax Advantaged Model The below text is licensed to Covestor Ltd. (“Covestor”), by Dan Plettner. Such text may be disseminated only by Covestor. Dan Plettner invests and receives income for securities research, including “buy-side” research. Dan licenses


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