Mutual Fund Fees On Fees

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We received an E*Trade marketing email on friday advertising a new fund.  The subject line sounded sensible: "how to survive an up-down market". But looking closer, there was no great insight. The conlcusion was to diversify. Less likely to help you to survive the market,

Scale Benefits In Fund Management

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An interesting round-table discussion was posted on 12.10 in Pensions and Investments (The Journal of International Money Management) about the changing face of value of investment management firms. It highlights how despite the credit crunch, there is continued client demand for alternative investments (i.e. hedge

Underperforming Funds: Spot the Dog

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The London Times this weekend highlighted a great report by Bestinvest, the Indepedent Financial Advisor, on the huge growth in the amount of money sitting in underperforming funds: "The number of poor-performing, or “dog”, investment funds has nearly doubled in the past 18 months, according

How the Rich Invest

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There was an excellent post yesterday in the Wall Street Journal Online on How the Rich Invest. The summary was:  the rich don’t invest in ETFs and Mutual Funds – but allocate more to actively managed opportunities like Hedge funds that are out of the

Excellent Seeking Alpha ETF investment guide

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We are going to post this directly from the full article because it is such a great piece about Financial advisors fees. "Brokers, Financial Advisors, & Investing for the Wealthy The traditional broker-client relationship is crippled by a fundamental conflict of interest: the broker is

Bookmarks for May 16

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Some good reading on oversized funds and some of the stock blogs we are reading at the moment: Why fat funds need diets: Excellent Kiplinger article from May edition on why money piling into funds affects their performance Remember what Buffet said about HF fees?:


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