What Jamie Dimon Won’t Tell You

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The New York Times Magazine published a big Roger Lowenstein cover piece on JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Some reactions: Simon Johnson: “in every significant detail it confirms that Mr. Dimon is now – without question – our most dangerous banker.” My biggest problem with Lowenstein’s

The Real Story Behind the Irish Bailout

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You’ve heard about  the pending European bailout of Ireland – but why is happening now? CNBC’s John Carney asks “why would the Eurocrats demand a bailout of Ireland when Ireland insisted it didn’t need one?” It has more to do with their immediate needs than

Who Needs Wall Street?

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Find the time for John Cassiday’s lengthy New Yorker feature that asks if Wall Street adds any real benefit to society, given that “[f]or years, the most profitable industry in America has been one that doesn’t design, build, or sell a single tangible thing.” Cassiday quotes anonymous

Tough Times for Funds

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Tough times for everyone but looks like it is beginning to get particularly challenging for those overcharging, under performing funds. It was always bound to come, but given the recession investors are talking with their feet and the incumbents are beginning to find life difficult.

More Useful Tools

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 Following on from a previous post about useful tools for investors we continue to be approached about new offerings asking us to promote them to our community. We have no association with any of these organizations but thought we might highlight a few more to

Investors Pulling Out of Funds

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The Financial Times ran an interesting piece this weekend about Investors worldwide pulling almost $100bn out of equity funds in the first three months of this year – a record shift, and part of a long term trend away from the US market. The article

The Economist: Special Report on Asset Management

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The current edition of The Economist has a special report on asset management.  The first article, by Philip Coggan, The Economist’s Capital Markets Editor, highlights how the fund management industry has and continued to do very well, but for itself.  Here’s a quote from the


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