Here’s what $3 trillion looks like

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That’s the total expected cost of the Iraq war, according to Joseph Stiglitz. How can you even grasp such gigantic numbers, which are thrown around daily to quantify government debt, the credit crisis and international policy measures?  To help, graphic designer David McCandless created this animation

Delta’s auction to get bumped

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Airlines routinely overbook flights, recognizing the statistical likelihood that a certain percentage of booked passengers won’t show. But when it appears that a particular flight will have too many folks ready to board with bags in tow, the airline has to get generous with one

The Joy of Stats

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Here’s a well produced, hour-long documentary on statistics and their presentation, from the BBC: The Joy of Stats. It features the effervescent Swedish statistician and global health researcher,  Hans Rosling.

The Ride of Your Life

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London-based Lazar Dzamic created this infographic in the format of a subway map, entitled ‘The Ride of Your Life’, to illustrate some of the darker sides of capitalism. Click to enlarge: Dzamic, a Digital Planning Director at Kitcatt Nohr,  describes his motivation: It was inspired by two


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