Covestor Partners:

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Over the coming weeks we will be announcing a number of partnerships which will both enhance the offering on the site but also raise the profile of our members across the web. The first of these is with leading Investment Club software provider Bivio

Weekly Member Interview: Don Bartell

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This weeks interview is with Covestor member Don Bartell. Don has been investing for over 35 years and is now actively managing his portfolio with a view to his retirement. A former commodities broker, and a great character, Don uses detailed statistical analysis to make

Flash New Charts

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Today we have put live new Flash driven charts, which you will see on all member’s fact sheets. As well as being faster than the old charts – the new ones allow users to select the time period they are interested in, and to view

Weekly Investor Interview: Eric Wolff

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This weeks Wall Street Transcript interview is with Covestor member Eric Wolff. Eric is a young investor who runs a family office and was cited in our recent BusinessWeek coverage. Eric is the author of popular stock blog Research Intensive Investing and is an active

MacOS X Widget for Live Feed

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One of our developers has created a great MacOS X widget that you can use to keep an eye on your live feed, using the new Covestor data export API. Check it out on his blog – and download the widget directly from there.  Let

Rankings Go Live!

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Today we activated the rankings tab to allow our members to benchmark their own performance, and to help users find other members that match their investment goals. We already have significantly more portfolio managers on Covestor than work for any professional firm, and so this

New Feature: Data Export API

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As you may have seen in your account already, or read online, we have added a great new feature to help members take greater control of their portfolio data. You can now export your performance, holding and trade data in RSS, XML and CSV formats.

Updated Performance Measurement

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After a fair amount of debate, we have decided to tweak our performance calculation formulae for single stock performance, to account for short-long crossovers. At Covestor we bring institutional grade measurement to individual’s portfolios, which includes calculation of each members performance by stock and sector.


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