Invest in companies that grow shareholder wealth, like Apple [radio interview]

Covestor model manager Bob Gay of Global Equity Analytics and Research Services LLC (GEARS) was recently a guest on Steve Pomeranz’ On The Money! Radio. In the interview embedded below (hit the play button to listen), Gay discusses the importance of focusing on the advancement of shareholder wealth in companies, and making investment decisions based on this wealth generation. As Bob sees it, key aspects of wealth creation include:

  • The rate of growth of sales
  • Improving profit margins
  • Low or declining operating expenses

Gay mentions Apple Computers (NASDAQ: AAPL) as a potentially strong wealth generator.

Bob’s firm GEARS manages several investable Covestor models, including Bluenose, Luxury Liner, Speedboat, and Earnings Surprise.

Bob Gay On the Money interview by covestor