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Equus Total Return (EQS): Sideline Observations of a BDC Rights Offering Well Below Published NAV

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If ever there was a sign that individual investors need protection from themselves, it may have shown up in Tuesday’s November 2nd 2010 market action in Equus Total Return (EQS) shares. I have no position. Rarely do shares of a company trade higher on news that it is entering wealth destructive transactions. However that is exactly what occurred on November 2, 2010 with EQS shares trading significantly higher. Investors paid up for the right to infuse additional capital into a Closed-End Fund with a transaction which would appear highly destructive to per share published Net Asset Value.

Cohen and Steers Dividend Majors Fund (DVM) Taking Profits

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The market discount of Cohen and Steers Dividend Majors Fund (DVM) shares has narrowed by more than 11% in less than two months. On the evening of September 15th, 2010 Cohen & Steers announced adopting a level rate distribution policy, and declared third quarter distributions for its affected Closed-End Funds. That afternoon, DVM had closed at $11.20, a 15.66% discount to its $13.28 Net Asset Value (“NAV”). Yesterday, November 4th 2010 DVM closed at $13.61, a 2.86% discount to its $14.01 NAV. (Data source: CEF Connect)

Covestor Live Interview with AthenaInvest

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Investors use many different strategies for picking equities, some of them well-known and widely utilized and some proprietary and based on years of personal research and strategy development. This week, we asked Reiman School of Finance Professor and AthenaInvest Co-Founder C. Thomas Howard, PhD to