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New Positions on Covestor (EXAS, VXX, FXI)

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In his Price Volatility Volume model, manager William Smith uses quantitative analysis to find equities that have been overbought or oversold. Recently, he added Exact Sciences Corp (NASDAQ: EXAS) to the model. EXAS, a colorectal cancer-focused molecular diagnostics company, recently had a jump in stock

New Managers on Covestor (QTM, MDT, VR)

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New Covestor manager Jeff Phillips has an MPA from Harvard and an MBA from Kellogg. He has invested casually for over 20 years, but 5 years ago began investing seriously with a bottom-up, opportunistic approach to picking stocks mixed with the occasional short that takes

New Positions on Covestor (AFOP, ESIC, UFPT)

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Focus Value model manager Analytic Investment attempts to take advantage of equity mispricing opportunities led by market inefficiency. To do so, Analytic Investment utilizes computer algorithms that compute the relative value of all stocks based on their fundamental factors. Last week, they added several new

New Positions on Covestor (BPI, APOL, VALE)

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The Cash Flow model managed by Jose Betancourt uses fundamental analysis to focus on cash flow and negative net debt. Recently Betancourt added a couple of new positions to the model. The first was Bridgepoint Education Inc (NYSE: BPI). BPI had assets totaling $281.7 million