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Weekly Member Interview: Ward Kadel

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This weeks interview is with Covestor member Ward Kadel, aka drxeno. Ward works as a Senior Research Analyst at Genentech, Inc. where he develops pharmacodynamic assays for oncology drugs that are about to enter, or are in, early clinical trials. Ward holds a mixture of

Regular Post: Useful Tools For Investors

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Here at Covestor we are frequently being approached by companies who have valuable offerings for self-directed investors. As such we thought we would start a series of blog posts highlighting these. We are not able to partner with all of these organizations and so hopefully

Understanding Portfolio Returns

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We have recently been asked by a couple of members to clarify the individual stock return calculations, as these did not reflect the single stock returns they were seeing in their online broker accounts. We thought we would therefore take the opportunity to clarify how

Weekly Member Interview: Howard Barr

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This week’s Wall Street Transcript interview is with Covestor member Howard Barr, aka habarr. Howard currently works in IT but may shortly be switching to a career in Finance. He has a mixed strategy incorporating both short-term positions and some longer-term holdings. Typically when shooting

Covestor Partners: Wall Street Webcasting

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One of our closest partners at Covestor is Wall Street Webcasting (WSW). WSW is the leader in Institutional Webcasting, serving over 50 major investment banks, as well as developing and running a range of online shows from their studios in New York. Wall Street Media,

Weekly Member Interview: Timothy Sykes

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This weeks interview is with colorful Covestor member Tim Sykes. Many of you will know Tim’s story already, turning his $12k Barmitvah money into $1.65 million while still a student at Tulane University before founding his hedge fund, Cilantro Fund Management, LLC in 2003. He