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Underperforming Funds: Spot the Dog

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The London Times this weekend highlighted a great report by Bestinvest, the Indepedent Financial Advisor, on the huge growth in the amount of money sitting in underperforming funds: "The number of poor-performing, or “dog”, investment funds has nearly doubled in the past 18 months, according

Minor Site Updates: Member Suggested

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We have made a few changes to the site recently, some of which you may have already noticed, in response to feedback from members. Please keep this coming as there have been some great ideas, and our updates will continue to be led by your

TradeStation Enabled For Automatic Import

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From today anyone with a TradeStation account can sign up to Covestor using the ‘Automatic Data Import’ feature to create a view only data link. All trades and holdings will be automatically reported on execution from TradeStation, to build a verified investment record. We will

TYC – A Nightmare For Return Calculations

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The Tyco restructuring caused momentary chaos as our performance engine faced for the first time a simultaneous reverse split and double spin-offs.  Those early Covestor members holding Tyco would have faced wildly differing return calculations on July 2nd.  Eventually by the close of the following

Should We Include Cash?

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One of the debates currently at Covestor is whether we should include the ‘cash’ position of a member’s portfolio as part of their investment record. A number of users have asked us to include this as a better reflection of their overall investment decisions. We

Stock Bloggers Embrace Covestor

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A great article ran last night on Reuters, which was then picked up by The Boston Globe among others announcing our partnership with Seeking Alpha and highlighting the rapid uptake of Covestor among the stock blogging community. Many blogs are already displaying Covestor widgets on